releasing December 28, 2020

Bernadette has it all. A hot fiancé, a gorgeous fixer-upper farmhouse, and a new job doing what she loves.

The only problem? She can’t remember any of it.

After an accident results in amnesia, she’s released all too soon into a world that makes little sense, haunted by a nagging conviction that something is not as it seems. With only her intuition to be her guide, she must piece together the puzzle that defines her existence, and decide whether or not to trust the stranger by her side.











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E.R.Whyte enjoys raindrops on rooftops, long walks, and whiskers on kittens.

Um, just kidding. Elle likes ridiculous amounts of coffee, Pepsi, and other caffeinated beverages. These things are necessary for survival as an author, as are padded rooms, a good playlist, and glitter pens. She does kind of like the sound of rain on the rooftop, but she despises exercise and has never really given much thought to whiskers on kittens.

A former high school English teacher, E.R. Whyte decided she would rather become an author after about a decade of grading student papers. Life is much more laid-back and interesting now.

The author writes medium-burn romantic suspense under her E.R. Whyte pseudonym, and sweet and clean romance under the name Elle Rae Whyte. You can find all of her works on Amazon.