Oh, my lanta, you guys… I have dived in headfirst to my next project and can I just say: I’m really flipping excited. It involves a boy…and a girl…and maybe a baby. Because who doesn’t like babies?

It’s also going to be packed full of angst and heartbreak and feels…all the feels.

I don’t have a release date yet because I’m just getting started, and due to Homeschool in the Time of Covid, time and privacy are precious commodities these days. But my tentative goal is to finish and publish by December.

Fingers crossed.

The idea for this came, as many ideas do, out of a conversation I had with my amazing-don’t-know-what-I’d-do-without-her PA, Ramie. It started with a question. “Hey, what do you think of blah blah blah?” [Insert Charlie Brown teacher voice.]

Ramie replied,

“Lol yes girl sounds like a good book there. deep sigh”

And then a moment later,

“What if THE GIRL IS PREGO!!! 😲🤯

And the idea took root, and then grew wings, and then made little beep beep beep noises like a truck backing up in the city.

And there you have it: how some authors come up with story ideas.